You certainly know about the sphere influence of Facebook. And of course it is the effective channel to improve your business each day. However not all people who are successful with status on Facebook and somehow you maybe are in the same case.

If there are the exact advices for you to change the situation, it is to think of writing status as the art. The art of writing here is not so difficult, but it requests from you some tips that you have to know such as:

  1. Do not write so long status

A long status does not bring out the point that visitors love to see. If you do not want your visitors who ignore your information when they see your status, write it concisely. Do not tell a long story and do not complain anything. Just focus on some main points that you want to give. Of course you do not write frontally. You need to write ingeniously.

  1. Give your experience from your life and business


Facebook is the channel to connect people closer, base on that main feature, you create the chance to attract visitor who interested in you strongly by your life and work. Nowadays, the customers try to understand you yourself before buying something that you provide, so one of the best ways to get their attention by your experience from the life and business first.

  1. Give advice

Wise advices are value always. There are some people who love to learn from your lesson and experience out there. If you give them the worth advices, they will like you, be friend, support you and then buy your products or services. No doubt in your advices because they are always useful to somebody. The point is that it must be the honest advices you give and not sententious advices.


  1. Minutes for laugh

There are some people who do not look for the products or service in the pages; they love to find out something for entertainment. So, you may bring to them some contents for relax, nice pictures to fresh the mind etc and do not forget to sign your name and your brand together. It is ensured that they remember you and they want to know you.

  1. Share information


Sometimes a status on your Facebook is not the information of the products or services; they should be some news from the daily life, the highlights from social activities etc. The news in those cases makes people who are interested in. Of course that is also your chances to advertise your name or your brand lightly and cleverly. Then, visitors are the same your customers who feel free to face your page friendly and closely. It is the way to increase your ability of access and selling.

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