We all know the power of the social media today. However how do we know to make it to be effective? This is the problem that many people have to face everyday in their stuff without success. So what we will do to change the situation? There are some useful advices for you to improve it.

  1. Determine again the importance of content in social media


If you give your information related your products and services everyday and they does not attract your visitors anymore, it is the time you have to think about the usage of social media that you are running. You need to determine each feature of each channel to define again the content that you should give. This is the important step to help you to change the stuff of your content in the social media.

  1. Make the strategy to create fascinated content

After consideration the feature of the channels in social media, you should make a plan for the content. Try to understand your customer needs and give them necessary and useful information by your interesting your content first. Your great content is the evidence for your attention to your customers. From this, they see the reality that you understand them, they believe in you and then they like or follow you.

  1. Be patient to distribute your content

Social media is the huge stream that flow lively. One piece of your content in that stream is just a tiny point, so you need to build your content patiently in a long term with your sustainable manner. If not the huge stream of social media will swept you away and drown you before your customers who have chance to realize you.

  1. Make the old content to be fresh


The old content or the new one has its value. The point is that you do not focus on the new things only. So try to make your old content to be fresh by linking to the new content. It is the way to help your customers who have chance to look back your worth things that you gave them before.

  1. Pay attention at Search Optimization

Search Optimization is the great tool to optimize your content. So do not ignore the benefits that search optimization. Try to operate this tool on your building content to exert all its strength.

  1. Improve the content

People said that the journey of social media is short. It will be the truth if you do not expand it. So you will not focus on one channel in social media but extend it out. Do not focus on Facebook only. Try to join into the community with YouTube, Pinterest, SlideShare, and Tweeter etc.

  1. Build the role of the leader and become a leader in your field


For a long journey with 6 steps as above, for the 7th step, you try to be a leader in your field in the community. Share your ideal in the leading of your field honestly. Do not brag or try to advertise you yourself. You need to be a great member with the useful things for the community. This is the great way to attract the influential people and your customers. You can maintain your role and importance in that community. Then you will have your community included people who are interested in you. In that you have your potential customers with the number is increase day by day.


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