The most important to success is not perfect result, which is within your control as professor.

Digital marketing is becoming more essential in running business than ever. In each advertising campaign, there is always a manager who plays an important role to build the success of the campaign. The task is so challenging such as operating, observing and combining every step and individual to become a perfect team to run the ad campaign.

In an advertising campaign, a manager position is not well-known as others such as: copywriting or SEOer. However, the person is extreme important in how to operate the campaign correctly and effectively.

It is definitely an expert in advertisement who works as an ad campaign manager. The person must have great knowledge in media who understands about target audience and the media they prefer. Moreover, an ad campaign manager is also responsible for other communication programs such as direct marketing, customer relationship management and product information.

The task requires abilities relating to campaign planning, creative development, production and post-campaign evaluation. The manager must have good project management and interpersonal communication skills to coordinate the work of both internal and external teams working on the campaign. The person must catch up with deadline and be responsible for seeing that each element of the campaign meets its budget targets.

Becoming an ad campaign manager has never been easy. The difference between a manager in advertisement and other subjects is an artist who own great ideals and be extreme skillful and flexible. Therefore, a manager plays an important role throughout the campaign, together with a marketing team, they build the success of each advertising campaign.

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