If you want to improve your business, you have to control it. If you want to control it, you have to understand it. If you want to understand it, measurement is the first step you have to do.

Digital marketing has more advantages than traditional one because it is possible to measure the result. It is clear that analysing and reporting are very necessary in every advertising campaign. These steps below are useful for you to follow an advertising campaign.

Establish a analytics system

Setting up a web analytics system is an important part in the effective marketing analysis construction. Google Analytics seems to be a good choice because it is free and easy to operate. It features great functionality that collects necessary information.

Advertising campaign tracking

Tracking marketing initiatives is really necessary that impacts on your business. Clearly, advertisement brings sales. Advertising campaign tracking will show you what marketing channel is effective in a particular situation.

Correct understanding of indicators.

Sometimes web analytics system doesn`t ensure its effective usage. It is important to make reports based on business objectives and KPI you define at the beginning of the campaign.

Always ask yourself the meaning of the figure. For instance, the bounce rate decreased by 10 percent, so what does it mean? The indicators will be useless if you do not manage to reach business objectives after some answers to this type of question.

In conclusion, the ability of defining efficiency of each marketing measure is a great advantage of online advertising. Clearly, you don’t need to spend much money on analytics tool because of free tool from Google Analytics. Besides, do not try to see as much reports as possible during analysis. It is necessary to base on your business objectives when analysing and reporting.

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