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Increasing revenue is one of top goals of every business. Nowadays, digital marketing is gradually replacing traditional marketing in order to achieving the aim of revenue. Here are some marketing channels help you establish your own business and increase revenue:

Social media marketing.

Running business on social media marketing is developing rapidly. People base on Social network such as: Facebook, Twitter, Linkeln, Zalo to introduce their goods/services/brand to networking community. People do not need to know clearly about digital marketing to run their business on social network. Simplicity and efficiency are some advantages of this type of sales.

Online advertisement.

Online advertisement requires not much money to run a business. It is unnecessary for people to rent a shop or hire many sale staffs. Besides, online advertisement is also useful for huge brands that help them cut down the cost of sales.

Email marketing

Email marketing is pretty familiar to many companies. This is an effective method for them to care loyal customers and build brand awareness. Until now, it still maintains their important role in business.

Sales on website.

Website is simply an online shop that exhibits your goods and services. Thanks to website, customer can know clearer about the features of goods and compare them with similar others. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a popular method to bring your website closer to customers.

Here are some clues about online marketing. An advertising campaign often combines many marketing channels to optimize the increasing revenue aim.

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