About the Mobile Advertising

Concerning the technology of communications, it is estimated in the average that for every 100 people, there are over 90 subscribers of mobile service. So, for marketing, mobile becomes the potential place where the consumers and the suppliers who can meet and interact together.

Base on the using of mobile, Mobile Marketing becomes the essential part of marketing. It is estimated now that there is more than 30% of searching web that comes from mobile. By this reason, there are different advertising that are suitable with the mobile to increase the interaction between the consumers and suppliers.

In the role of a supplier, you can not ignore the importance of mobile advertising, because this is one of the best ways to help you to be close with your customers. There are the rich mobile advertising that you may be interested in such as:

Mobile Web Advertising Units

The advertising offers the banner ads and text links with the suitable sizes, suitable content with each mobile type.

SMS Advertising

SMS or Short Massage Service is the advertising with the short text with link or not. There are different type of text massage and of course there are the different rule in the building of the advertising suitably.

MMS Advertising

MMS or Multimedia Massage Service allows the appearance or attachment of the image, picture, sound or video in the message together with the text. MMS is complicated more than SMS so there are more rules for this type in the process of accomplishing the advertising.

Mobile Video and TV Ads:

This is considered the expand of the MMS that allow the banners or messages that appeared before the video or TV, in the process or in the end of the video and TV. Of course, the rules for this type are attached with the suitable size, content and design.

Relating to the Mobile Advertising Services from TMiAds

TMiAds is the trust partner of yours in the process of creating and acting the mobile advertising. Our main points for this service are Mobile Web Advertising Units and SMS Ads. TMiAds help you to plan the right strategies that base on the permitted budget. Each plan is considered carefully to ensure the best result. So please do not to hesitate to share with TMiAds about your idea and your wish, then we can complete them to touch the goals that you await.