Google Advertising (Google Ads)

About Google Advertising

It is said that Google is the most popular search in the world. People search for the useful information for the normal life and of course they search the information for products and service that base on their demanding. Base on this and the development of the internet marketing, Google offers you’re the rich advertising products to contribute to your plan of marketing.


Relating to Google Advertising, you can find the Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Google Shopping or Google Display etc. Each type of advertising gives you the way to work suitably and combine perfectly with your process of marketing. In the specific look, you may consider the role of each type of advertising as below:

Google Adwords

This is the way of advertising base on the keywords. It means that you may choose the keywords and pay for them and it appears in result of searching from Google stably. Of course each keywords that you choose or pay for, required the right plan and strategies.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the service of web analytics to help the businessmen and companies to research, orientate and develop their web correctly and effectively.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping is considered the online store where you display your products. The advertising appears in the result of searching in the case customers look for your products. There are the different campaigns that you may build for your products that you want to sell out.

Google Display

Google Display is the form of advertising to identity the brand of yours by the customers. It allows showing again your advertising to whom who is interested in your website.

About service of Google Ads from TMiAds

Be the partner of yours in the strategies of usage Google advertising products effectively, TMiAds works with you side by side to build the specific plan to ensure the highest result. Our services focus on:

Google Adwords

TMiAds help you to plan the right strategies of keywords to fit your budget with high efficiency and reduce the waste in the budget.

Google Display

TMiAds owns the popular website list where display your banner.

TMiAds offer you the most suitable banner designs. And then help you to identify and measure the efficiency of the banner in the process of the advertising.