About Facebook Advertising

Facebook now is considered the king in social network. With more than a billion of users, it is the potential place for marketing with the endless influence and viral. Facebook offers the advertising to help the businessmen to have more chances to meet their customers.


Through Facebook Ads you can meet customers who come from different places, who are in different ages and who have different interest in the products. Base on this you may redefine the trend of using the products or create the suitable marketing campaign to sell the products or offer your services more effectiveness.

Facebook Advertising helps the businessmen in different level of their scale to be easy to find out the potential customers. Beside, it offers the rich and suitable advertisings to lead the businessmen to be closer to their goals.

For each campaign of advertising, the people who use the advertising products from Facebook always receive the regular report in very detail. This is the good measure helps you to see how the acts of receiving advertising, evaluate the advertising to complete the process of advertising effectively more than that.

Work with TMiAds on service of Facebook Ads

TMiAds helps you to make clear about the knowledge to be close with the goals and success of the process of using Facebook Ads. The specific form of Facebook Ads that TMIADS will work with you together including:

  • Facebook Standard Ad with the link to a specific website.
  • Facebook Banner Ads with the link to a specific website.
  • Page Post Ads in Fanpage.
  • Page Link Ads to get more like fanpage.
  • App Ads to get more users.
  • Event Ads to get more participants.
  • Sponsored Story automatically with Page Post Ads in Fanpage, Page Link Ads, App Ads and Event Ads.

TMiAds helps you to create the different advertising then compare them with the completed and specific documents. By this way, you will have the better campaigns in the next plan of advertising.

TMiAds guide and offer you the timetable for running the advertising suitably with the specific rule to ensure your right customers who will meet your advertising in the right time.

TMiAds help you to manage the budget for advertising and reduce the waste fund on the wrong campaign or unsuitable cases.