Media Planing/ PR

Al Rise, a good marketer said that “The fallen of advertising, the rise of PR”. We can get whatever we want, as soon as we want it. Which do we choose? Our survival instinct tells us to save energy, which is why most people take the excavator. More people would take in advertising if it helped them in the steep stairs of life.

The world never sleep. It’s very important for advertising and PR to capture the cities’ people, as follow, clothing, food, fashion, music,… A key world in the future of advertising and PR what is a marketing tool to reach consumers who can become heavy users. Today, consumer revolution changed the rules. PR agencies are starting ad agencies to be able to offer their clients a “big bang”. Do PR, you can make a profit means taking market share as quickly as possible. Here today, gone tomorrow, also goes for PR.

As media planner, TMiAds develop a valuable support network; share dilemmas, goals and success stories with like-minded professionals. We glean valuable lessons from colleague’s personal experiences; discuss the changing landscape of internal communications. We acquire industry best practices to benefit your company, your team and your career.

Do you want to boost your brand’s reputation and turn your organization into an authoritative industry voice? You need media planner! We will give you a great storytelling in your organization to reach millions of people searching for viral content. Traditional Communication strategies no longer cut it. We do marketing to get real audience.

As media planner, we will give you a chance to be the first to change customer’s opinion “no” into “yes”.


Media Plan – Sorting channels to planning the communication

To your content spread to targeted audiences, you must to have a specific communication plan.  Selecting the right channels, positions and time always base on communication objectives. Each media announcement need to convey a specific message uniformly in both content and context. Your communication landscape can conduct and control perfectly right from the star. Don’t wait audiences around to hope your content is viewed, right now let put it at the highlights position on official websites having high traffics.

Why should you choose TMiAds for your Media Plan?

Focus expenses on the right channel, the right time and the right objective
It’s belongs to your business field, we suggest a media plan to meet your communication objectives. We have the specialized knowledge to analysis researches from the channels and publishers websites which need to illustrate transparently all indicators of those aim to identify which channels you should choose or not.
Moreover, cooperate to us for considering how to reduce the waste of your expense and how to increase the effectiveness. That’s not thing any agency also ready to you.