Reverse all risk, get more customer, increase revenue within small budget It must be a big mistake if you run an advertising campaign without a plan. A clear plan will show you step by step to complete your strategy.

Remember that never start without plan. Here are useful steps to make an advertising plan:

Step 1: Identifying your goals clearly.

You should make your goal clearly. Normally, there are 3 main goals that every company wants to achieve:

Introduce brand/goods/services to customer.

Building brand awareness.

Increasing sales and profit.

Step 2: Building the series of particular actions.

It must be clear whether you run a short-term or long-term strategy. Hence what you expect the campaign bring back. They are important for you to make a finance plan.

Step 3: Choosing the appropriate marketing channels.

There are many marketing channels such as: google adwords, facebook ads, display ads,…Each has different advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the suitable one depends on your target customers you want to interact with. Generally, an advertising campaign often combines many online marketing methods.

Step 4: Implementing the advertising campaign.

Nowadays, there are many agencies that will help you implement the campaign. It may be a good idea to contact with one of them and carry on your plan.

Step 5: Observing and reporting the results of the campaign.

One of the advantages of digital marketing is that you can measure the result of the campaign. Thanks to the report, you can set your campaign again and make it better.

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