Who we are?

Founded in 2015, Thien Minh Tech offer proprietary and automated tools to take a hands-off approach to their internet marketing. We are developing effective and higher-up technology, services, and solutions enabling us to become a leading company in the digital marketing space.

  • Build your brand with elegance, scale and efficiency
  • Cross- platform optimization
  • Fast – Improving – Passionate

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Why choose us?

Our full-service marketing platform combines social media, customer reviews, mobile and email marketing to help local businesses get more customers and keep them coming back while saving them valuable time and money. We observed similar trends in our past research and also found that consumers were using other devices (tables, smartphones and computers) a majority of the time when watching television. However, a lot of people didn’t understand was the impact that multi-tasking had on ad metrics. Thien Minh Tech can arm publishers with when educating their advertisers on how to better allocated media.

Design banner, brochure, responsive website, our one-of-a-kind technology, we’re able to achieve results for online marketing. In the PR business, we probably have a modern day of the strongest system to be the best service for all of company.


Become a partner who publish advertisement tools more result, more believable, for our customers on social media.

Become a coworker who is more professional, an online lead generation on branding awareness.

This full-service platform is built with sophisticated technology, researched market on online media.


Fast – Viral – Interactive – Measuring – Flexible – Saving

Value: Professional – Responsible – Faithful

Motive Power: Increase traffic – Decrease cost

Build and increase result on online media, which follow brand story.

Our services

Thien Minh Tech helps clients to develop and manage programs and asset in the fields of energy and environment, IT, infrastructure protection,… We operate an online advertising platform that offer opportunities for brands through global publishers, included:

  • Marketing Consultancy
  • Media Planner/ PR
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Mobile Ads
  • Social Media